Help! Can No Longer Access My WDTV From Windows Network

Yesterday I did a format of the hard drive and after 15 hours or so it was still not finished so I powered off the device (I know that was probably dumb! :smiley: )

Today, I booted it up, updated the firmware, and everything seemed to be working fine. However, now I cannot access the device through Windows network.

I used to be able to type \WDTV or \ and I would see the folder WDTVLiveHub. I could then transfer files to and from this folder using Windows Explorer.

Now when I try to connect I get the error “Windows cannot access \WDTV” or “Windows cannot access \”.

As I stated before I can see all the menu items and stuff when I turn the unit on and use the remote. I just can’t access it via Windows.

Any ideas or suggestions please?


UPDATE!!! I did a factory reset on the device and now it works! Something must have messed up when I turned it off while formatting. :slight_smile: