HELP! Before I buy


Thanks for reading this. I need a simple yes no answer before I commit to buy. Maybe some of you may be able to point me in the right directions also.

I want a 4 bay NAS, but I want it to be able to have multiple RAID arrays. So for example, I want bay 1+2 (2x 2TB) to be raid 5 and then an additional bay 3+4 (2x 2TB) raid 5.

Basically So I have 4TB of storage and it is completely mirrored.

Can the WD Sharespace do this? If not, whos NAS can. I dont want to loose my films but I have about 2.8TB of films so far…

cheers in advance.


No system in the world can do that because RAID-5 requires a minimum of 3 discs.

You can - however - use the sharespace to create 2 RAID-1 arrays with 2 discs each.

Based on a 8 TB Sharespace that would give you 2x2=4 TB of storage.

If you created a RAID-5 over all 4 drives, you’d get 6 TB of storage out of it - which is also fully redundant.

Whatever you end up buying, make sure it’s not a WD Sharespace NAS. Just look through this forum at all the horor stories with this device.


+1 Don’t buy a ShareSpace !



You should look into the WD Sentinel - it seems to be a much better thought out device from what i’ve heard (it actually runs a version of Windows Server on it and you can even remote desktop into it!), although the ShareSpace was a pretty good drive in it’s day.  Remeber that most people who post on forums like this are the rare minority who have issues with a drive- most of the sharespace reviews were pretty good- the only real issue I have with mine (and my “White Light” drives) is that they are a bit too “2007” for my taste. 

Since WD managed to lose quite a few loyal customers of the WD brand through the really sucky ShareSpace and the total disregard for user wishes (see this forum: one doesn’t get help from WD even if data loss can be prevented), I believe WD must take a bold step to re-gain customer trust and loyalty.

One way: WD should provide all ShareSpace-Users worldwide with a bold “Swap”-offer: Mail in your ShareSpace, add 199 USD and receive a 4TB DX4000. (Well, pay 199, get the DX4000 and mail the ShareSpace back 30 days later)

What do you think? Would that restore customer trust?

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I agree,

 I use to by all WD products WDTV, HDD’s, NAS, etc. WD has lost me now as a loyal customer due to the Sharespace.

Sure many people may not write in these forums, but the problems with the Sharespace and the poor customer service from WD remains.

I would take alot of convincing to buy a DX4000 or any WD product for that matter, although some sort of trade in would be attractive.

I’m now looking at the QNAP products for NAS and Media players.