Help! All data in mybook live gone and owner password unknown

I never liked how slow NAS was, how frequently it looses connectivity and had to be reset multiple times but THIS?! WD has a major issue with this “factory reset” and downplays the event limiting it to some unlucky customers. But it looks more and more as massive “Carrington Event” for WD My Cloud users. Very upset, I don’t expect WD to do anything meaningful to resolve this issue. Now I have to rethink the entire strategy of backups, NAS, cloud services etc. The world we all live in is full of nastiness and unreliability. “Thanks”, WD for adding more chaos to our life.

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same here - all gone - as of this morning june 25th. just default public folders and software and cant login to the UI to erase and reconfigure

Same thing happened to me overnight 23rd /24th June 2021.
Been scratching my head trying to work out what or who had deleted everything. I’d seen the windows 10 references, and noted the date, but had the same problem on smart TV’s so rightly assumed that windows 10 not the problem especially as all had been working fine the day before.
Everything from admin rights to data has disappeared leaving me with what looks like a new device and no option to rewind the clock.
Been running the 2Tb version for several years to across all household devices to support and provide what we thought was a secure RAID back up system with no problems.

I would still report and open a ticket just to continue to raise the issue up the agenda. I don’t expect any meaningful resolution from them but I will keep bombarding them until I feel like they’re sorry even if it takes 10 years off my life! You’re not alone in feeling stupid, I have so many regrets right now!

Attempt to recover using Stellar Data Recovery was unsuccessful, it found nothing after a full scan. Will look at other methods this evening.

Have made some progress in recovering files…
Removed disk from enclosure
Used a Sata to USB adapter into my Win 10 laptop
Installed Ext2Fsd and mounted the drive
Installed TestDisk and have run photo_rec against the whole disk.

Recovering the files slowly, mostly jpg and mov, not sure how it’ll do with other docs but have seen some non media files coming across.

This is good news. I just dropped mine off with a local shop in hopes that they can recover the data, I figured it was safer than trying it myself! So hopefully they’ll have success.

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Same has happened to me.

Luckily, I had my most important files backed up on an external 4TB passport drive.

Let us know how you get on. I’ve just shipped mine to a no-recovery-no fee type arrangement.

Sorry to hear that @Grokheim. Hopefully you’ll have more luck with another option.

Mine has been shut down by ME. I didn’t have any issues, just trying to avoid one until I see WD has done something about this. BUT just to let everyone know I had auto updates OFF and no cloud services enabled. Worst case scenario for me would be nothing gets fixed by WD and I pull the 3TB red for a backup to my other NAS drives in the event of a drive failure. I have nothing on mine of any value, fortunately.

Yes, they had the same deal as well. If they can’t recover the data, there’s no charge. And they’re local so I was able to drop it right off. Hopefully I’ll hear something back today.
Fortunately there wasn’t a ton of data on the drive (only about 8 gigs), and it was mostly word/excel/pdf docs. So I’m hopeful if they can recover it, it won’t take too long. I will for sure keep you posted!

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Well, I really need your advice, since I’ve not been hacked yet (fortunately) !

I don’t know if disabling remote access, automatic firmware updates…etc. is enough, as I have a dynamic IP address.

In my opinion, hackers have got access to some logs on WD servers. If our MBL connect to WD servers, maybe they leave IP address and maybe other data that hackers use to send a reset command.

In my case, I have Transmission installed on it, so it’s just unthinkable for me to disconnect it from the Internet.

My questions :

  1. Can we, using SSH, disable the built-in command that is used to reset the disk ? Or it’s a part of Debian OS ?

  2. I have a D-Link router with firewall options. If we know the ports used by the disk to “discuss” with WD servers, or the IP address of the server itself, can we simply block them while still using transmission, FTP…etc ?

  3. What about OpenWRT ? Someone has a real feedback on it using some multimedia oriented purposes (Transmission, DLNA, SAMBA…) ?

Thanks and good luck to us !

I did disconnect my Live Book, in time to save the data - and I also wondered if having dynamic IP perhaps had saved me? Not risking re-connecting though, until a proven solution is found to the problem.

Yep static IP here

Hi, I can add my drive to the wiping saga. Years of photos of my kids, wedding/honeymoon photos and my entire music library gone overnight. It was all there the other day.

Support ticket raised with WD not holding out much hope though.

Hi everyone. Same problem here with my MyBookLiveDuo. I’m having some recovery luck with R-Studio for Windows. I ran a scan overnight and I can preview my jpg files. I have to purchase a license to recover the files, but the preview is free to ensure it will work. My files have their file names too. Check out Data Recovery from a Reformatted Ext2/3/4FS Disk


@mulekick2021 - Did you have to remove the HDD from your MyBook Live device and connect it directly to your computer to do this?

Yes, it’s a MyBookLiveDuo, which allows the drives to be pulled out for replacement. I used a SATA->USB3 adapter to hook it up to my Windows PC. I’m not sure how easy it is to open a MyBookLive. I own one of them too, but it wasn’t wiped…just my MyBookLiveDuo was wiped.

Thanks. I’ve got a SATA-USB connector from when I installed an SSD in my laptop. Will just need to work out how to extract the HDD from the MyBook Live when the time comes.
I’m holding tight for now and seeing what WD come back with.

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