Help! All data in mybook live gone and owner password unknown

I feel the same way. Part of me says I was entirely happy with my Duo for 8 years until now. The other part says I bought this in 2012. I had a drive fail in 2013 where they replaced the entire unit within a week, which I thought was amazing. But then 2 years later they stop support and it becomes a legacy item? I didn’t see that listed in the features. To be honest I didn’t know they stopped support until this issue, maybe I missed the email.

I’m super happy that they are providing recovery services and I’ll definitely wait for that instead of trying on my own. I’m not sure if I want another WD product right now though. How long until their current product becomes “legacy” and isn’t supported? Next year? Tomorrow? Maybe I take the trade in if it’s a good deal and just sell it


Thats exactly what Im asking to WD on my open ticket.
I only need to put this “legacy” drive into LAN mode only and continue with my life, I dont need a new drive…


You certainly can!

Right this is what i have indexed on the left and contents regarding pictures on the right or arranged in date order. The preview is at the bottom. Hope that helps you out a little


yes you can no problem. There is a video floating about on how to remove the drive from its case. Didn’t take much effort tbh

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I have got similar results with just under 600,000 files.
I have also found a free bulk file naming utility that looks interesting and possibly useful once the data has been recovered at


Thats very useful thanks.
It maybe a long shot but does anyone have or seen full product code key for R Suite or just bite the bullet and but the key from them.

@TruckerJoe wow that looks great. The pic and the results!!!
I had the “otherfiles” but could not see anything remotely like what you are getting. I have started the scan again, another 17hr wait, as I did not save the first scan file anyway. But this time I am scanning from the highest level I.e. WDC Wd20Euro etc etc and not just one of the sub folders/directories(?). Will let you know tomorrow what happens!

Mine took about 4hr connected via SATA to the MB. Now im trying to work out for large all the files are i can select and where to back them upto.

Yep. It is.

I’ve actually taken a WD Red 3TB from a PC and used it to replace a failed Green in one of my MBL’s a little over a year ago.

Same thing but in reverse.

How is WD deciding who to email about this?

I wasn’t hit, but I disconnected my My Book Live when I read about the story on ARS Technical on the 26th. It’s now the 30th and I still haven’t received any emails from WD about this. If I hadn’t read the ARS article, I still wouldn’t know about it and my drive would still be connected.

All who registered their MBL’s with WD are receiving the emails.


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Well I took the plunge and bought R Studio and managed to recover over 500gb but reviewing the videos they didn’t survive too well. Not too warried about those but the images I was more worried such as family photos and such. So far without sorting them but took at the small file sizes such as icons I managed to recover over 18000 pictures. I’m not sure how many was on there originally but now is the long task of renaming and categorizing them


@TruckerJoe good news for you. Can you tell me, did you scan the highest level as per WDC WD20EUROS-xxxxxxx and let it do the whole structure? I am re-doing mine again at that level. In your picture you have two tabs open?? do you have two drives ?? I’m just trying to understand how I get the same results as you?? Cheers and glad you got your pics back.

Update on my drive, that I reconnected after the wipe and put back online exactly as it was, because I wasn’t buying WD lies about them not getting compromised. There’s been no subsequent attacks, no wipes, no nothing.

WD got hacked. They fixed it and pretended it had nothing to do with them.

You think, if hackers learned of the vulnerability, they would not be hitting everything under the sun right now? Did they get discouraged by such tremendous success? Of course not. Malware is responsible? Which malware? Why did it stop?

Because WD lied and continues to lie.

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That looks just like how mine ran. At the bottom you can see it says Specific File Documents. Thats how many files its found. Once done it will group them in file types to preview such as pdf, doc, jpg etc etc. Glad your getting somewhere with it.

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Just seen this on Twitter… a free data recovery program announced on the 2nd tweet…

I’m not sure if I received any messages earlier than yesterday, when I got the same email that others are posting here. I happened to see the article shortly after it was posted and disconnected my drive. Since then I have been following this thread and others. Here is what I made sure of since then:

  1. Disable “remote access” in the UI
  2. Change “connection options” from “automatic” to “manual”, this disables UPnP
    (thanks to @WDMyBookDead for that hint! They posted a screenshot above)
  3. Disable UPnP in your router
  4. My router is rented from my isp and provides a gui that doesnt allow for as much control as one might like, but does allow blocking tcp and udp on all ports for a specific device, which i did for the MBL

I am by no means super familiar or comfortable in a linux environment, but I felt good enough about it to do the following:
I edited /var/www/Admin/webapp/includes/languageConfiguration.php as dracenmarx suggested, making the 2 changes he wrote up in post 406

I also read the latest bulletin they put out and added
to /includes/component_config.php

I edited and changed communicationmanagerd to DISABLE in /var/www/Admin/webapp/config/globalconfig.ini as mentioned back a bit in this thread

I think thats it. Any of you coders out there find anything else, and did anything I mention sound wrong? I’m totally just using the device for test purposes now, nothing important there. Wondering if I broke anything about its LAN functionality and if I have disabled the WAN


Actually, when disabling remote access it should be safe, as the feature seem to use an custom IPSEC interface for the tunnel (and then registers a public hostnamn under Much like ie Plex does, minus the tunnel.

If you list the Linux interfaces when remote access is disabled, these custom interfaces are not created and no tunnel exists.

Thara my findings however, I remember this since a couple of years ago when I investigated how the remote access was implemented.

There is also upnp and the ports thq can be setup manually in the gui, but I don’t remember the exact relation between these two ways.

I’m really confused how people have been affected if everything is disabled…and no port forwards/dmz have been made

EDIT: it could be so that the VPN tunnel gets established in the background, as a last resort, when remote access is enabled BUT upnp is off/not available. Maybe.