Help! All data in mybook live gone and owner password unknown

As far as I understand, those 3GB has nothing to do with user data and is solely used by WD for firmware and control. The 3GB are hidden files and can’t access easily from their GUI.
If you really want to access you need SSH as someone pointed out above.
I am calling WD customer support now and hope they have answers on this. It is not good to erase user data without notice like this.

Just to add also having this problem, UK. Worked fine 24 hours ago, cant access it today or theres just 4 empty Share folders.

Reset the device using a paperclip in the back for 4 seconds but still cant access the admin using the default password. Really hope all my data hasn’t been lost.

Yea, I started thinking about that after I wrote the post. I think it was just wishful thinking on my end…

This is just totally ridiculous on their part.

I don’t have any skin in this game, but I would whole heartedly recommend that everyone here unplug this device from their network immediately.

In the event someone has compromised the command and control centers for WD devices, they could potentially make these devices do nasty things on your home networks. In addition to that, leaving them running and writing to the drive is just going to make recovery of any data that might exist still on the drive be that much harder. If you can’t unplug it completely, power and all, at a bare minimum remove it’s access to and from the internet entirely using a firewall, or just remove the ethernet cable…


Thanks a lot!
It is a very good advise all mybook live owners should do now with no wait. Actually I have two devices and my other mycloud has not been affected so far but I pulled off the power of both last night trying to protect my data and further chaos.
Let’s wait the WD official reply on this to rescue our data.

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I would recommend this with ALL WD ethernet enabled devices until there is some clarity on what has happened. This could be “real bad”.

Hi guys - exactly the same issue here. Please can I ask that everyone raise a ticket in the formal channels at WD? I have created a support ticket through my IP login “support” this morning and submitted my system logs to them (no response so far) and I have tweeted them publically and privately - the more of us that do this, the larger the problem will be for them and the more chance of a speedy resolution.

I’m not going to lie, I have been in tears over this pretty much all day. I started a new job 7 months ago and all my data/work was on here (yes, this was not backed up as I only do back ups every 6 months or so and it’s been busy :frowning: ). I can’t beleive this has happened, it doesn’t seem real, but I will absoutely pursue every avenue I can to get them to at least tell me what they’ve done so I can instruct professional data recovery services (and then I will do all i can to hold them to account as well. P***** off is an understatement).

Please PLEASE raise a support ticket and shout as loudly as you can.

Hey Sammie, how exactly do you check your system logs to see what has happened?

I’ve got a support ticket open. Went via the live chat function and one of their advisors suggested a number of things to try but unfortunately none of them worked. I had to disconnect to try the last one (connecting the MyBook Live directly to my PC with an ethernet cable) so the chat ended. I’ve updated the ticket to reflect that this didn’t make any difference and also draw their attention to this thread.

I’ve also now disconnected the device from my LAN and powered it down as per the suggestion above.

If we do this, and they are able to restore data…how will they restore it if it’s not connected to the internet and/or plugged in?

As long as you know how to log in to your dashboard then this guide will show you how to download the system logs:

Once you log into your dashboard, raise a ticket under “support” (this is self-explanatory) once you’ve detailed the problem then there is the ability at any time to go back to the ticket and attach the files.

I have sent the following wording where I have referred them to this thread - I am keen they understand this is not an isolated incident:

"Today I have woken up to discover that my Western Digital external harddrive (MyBookLive) has been factory reset. I have lost 4TB of data, this includes all my insurance policies, budgets, the usual “life admin” as well as all the photos of my children, my wedding etc but just as importantly my livelihood. I am an independent consultant and my last 7 months of project work is all gone.

Upon investigation, the web GUI is showing a log for a factory reset overnight which has been pushed out by WD without any permissions. I have discovered the below forum thread where it would appear that at least 20 or so WD users have had a factory reset forced on their drives overnight. So far, WD have not responded to my responding to emails, support tickets or twitter posts.

It is very scary and devastating that someone can do factory restore on my drive without any permission granted from the end user. I need a remedy to this issue immediately as this is already incurring a great cost to me. I would also like to know if this has been reported by any other users as I am clearly not alone in suffering this problem today (has there been a malicious attack by a third party? A disgruntled employee?). I need this urgently resolved and restored, or at least find out if I must have my data professionally recovered (at a cost of £600+VAT) as soon as possible. I cannot understate the terror involved here, it is like a house fire, I’ve lost everything."

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It’s highly unlikely they will be able to restore your data while the drive is still in the machine. It’s more likely they’ve lost control of the systems that tell the WD Lives what to do and someone bad told them to reset to factory defaults.

Pick your poison. In one hand you have a potentially hostile tiny PC inside your firewall, and in the other you have data that’s already lost on a device that’s “Legacy”.

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Ah thanks for the steps. I wasn’t able to access my hard drive through the dashboard as it said my password was incorrect, even after resetting and trying the default password it won’t let me onto the dashboard. I’ll raise a ticket still with what I have, and hoping my data is on there somewhere at least.

Ok I managed to get back onto the dashboard, but its showing 3tb free of 3tb. Come on what is this why would this happen?

Jun 24 00:26:53 MyBookLive begin script:
Jun 24 00:26:53 MyBookLive shutdown[5033]: shutting down for system reboot
Jun 24 00:26:53 MyBookLive logger: exit standby after 9674 (since 2021-06-23 21:45:39.926803414 +0100)

Guess thats when it happened according to my logs

I am unable to raise a ticket under support as I can not log into my dashboard because the password won’t work.
First thing this morning a message flashed up when I tried to access my MyBookLive the said Server Shutting Down. Then could not get into it. I have several years of data on mine as well and really need to find out how I can access it, if it is still there.

I have the same issue - put in a support ticket. Hope we get some info from WD.

I also have same issue. Has been stressing me out all day.

Just found the same problem. Can’t log in via browser or app or desktop client. Whilst I can see the drive via network it’s empty. Not happy.
How do I complete a support ticket if I can’t log in.

I also have the same issue unfortunately and am very concerned. Trying not to think about everything that might be lost. Have just sent a ticket………

For those who lost their files, was your MyBook connected directly to the Internet? Or behind a firewall?

Mine’s behind a firewall.