Help! All data in mybook live gone and owner password unknown

As long as you know how to log in to your dashboard then this guide will show you how to download the system logs:

Once you log into your dashboard, raise a ticket under “support” (this is self-explanatory) once you’ve detailed the problem then there is the ability at any time to go back to the ticket and attach the files.

I have sent the following wording where I have referred them to this thread - I am keen they understand this is not an isolated incident:

"Today I have woken up to discover that my Western Digital external harddrive (MyBookLive) has been factory reset. I have lost 4TB of data, this includes all my insurance policies, budgets, the usual “life admin” as well as all the photos of my children, my wedding etc but just as importantly my livelihood. I am an independent consultant and my last 7 months of project work is all gone.

Upon investigation, the web GUI is showing a log for a factory reset overnight which has been pushed out by WD without any permissions. I have discovered the below forum thread where it would appear that at least 20 or so WD users have had a factory reset forced on their drives overnight. So far, WD have not responded to my responding to emails, support tickets or twitter posts.

It is very scary and devastating that someone can do factory restore on my drive without any permission granted from the end user. I need a remedy to this issue immediately as this is already incurring a great cost to me. I would also like to know if this has been reported by any other users as I am clearly not alone in suffering this problem today (has there been a malicious attack by a third party? A disgruntled employee?). I need this urgently resolved and restored, or at least find out if I must have my data professionally recovered (at a cost of £600+VAT) as soon as possible. I cannot understate the terror involved here, it is like a house fire, I’ve lost everything."

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