"HELP" Adding old HDD, will it wipe my files?

Just order a WD My Cloud EX2 (diskless) as I want to put my old 3TB WD Red drive in it. But before I do I just wanted to check that it wont auto format my drive? Has anyone done this before?

Yes, before the drive can be used by the NAS it will be formatted and all data wiped out. I have not done it before (i.e. reuse an old drive) but I know that’s how it works. If you wish to save the data, it will need to be stored to another temporary storage location.

Once the drive has been formatted and is available for your use, you can then create any shares you want on the reformatted Red drive and then copy the data back from your temporary location to one or more of the shares. There is no way around this.

Thanks for the reply , Its ok, I’ve ordered another 3TB WD Red.
So I will install that as the first drive in bay 1, then move the data from Drive 2 (in PC still) over the network to drive 1, Then Format drive 2 and move from PC to Nas in bay 2 and Raid 1 from Drive 1. “if that makes sense”  :confounded:

Yeah that should work just fine. Sounds like you have the right plan.