Help about NAS

Hello Guys!

I’ve just realized my home lan, using WDTV Live SMP (last firmware), Syno 411j (last DSM version), switch Giga D-Link DGS-1008D, Cat 6 cables. Everything’s ok, but for my surprise running high bitrates mkv (> 15 Mbits) it stutters using “my media library” sharing option, showing the moviesheets.

I can only run high bitrates in “Media Server” sharing option, than I can’t see my moviesheets. Is there something I am missing? What can I do?

Have not tried this setup myself, but I do not see why it should slutters when using My Media Library.  Have you tried a reset? Or updating the unit to its latest firmware?

Thanks for answering,

All the units are updated. Connecting to my notebook to the same high bitrate movie runs fine, but using Synology slutters.