Hi, i was given a WD TV Live for my birthday recently. So far i havent done much as far as getting the full benefit out of it and just have it connected up to my new lcd led lifes good tv. Also havent got the computers wired to the tv as my office is at the opposite end of the house to the tv room. Have done a quick browse of the FAQ and also some of the questions and see some asking about a wireless system to do that.

Also my friend has a popcorn and she gets movies out of Russia and she says her son has just installed a firmware for her and now her player can convert the Russian to English.

Is there anything in the pipeline for the WD players to do this.

Hi there, depending on the typy of file that you try to play you may have different audio streams to choose. On the other hand, a wireless adapter on a USB port will help you with the distance, you can find a list of the ones that work in here.