Hello new guy here!

Hello you all…

Well i have a WD MY Cloud and i have a Samsung Smartv 6400 series…i read some posts here and some replies to that same posts…but still i had to ask…how can i make my Smartv read the .SRT files from WD MY Cloud? 2nd i have some movies that work fine including .mkv i just have to change the name of .SRT files (subtitles) and the .MKV name.

Is my only option to install miniDLNA?

3rd probably some WD professionals visit this site (hope so)…and if so i have a request …PLEASE PLEASE do something about this .SRT issues:stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks a lot and i will wait for a reply

someone correct me if im wrong.    read here that captions are not supported over the wireless netowrk.   Period.  It stinks as  have many backus" of movies that use subs and I cant really watch them.   It really takes away from the whole mycloud.    use DNLA mainly to watch movies and play back pictures muisd ect… 

I find it hard to believe it depends on a wired network. one possibility is it is smart enough to determin that bandwidth is limited and will skip them

what is the relitive bit rates on the files that work and don’t work?