Hello, my first post

I have the WD TV Live hooked up and am currently watching Star Trek. Everything works fine, I just updated the firmware and I’m really liking this machine.

Except for one slight problem: when I push “Next” or “Previous” the machine goes to the beginning of the movie. This happens everytime on every movie so far.

Any ideas?


Previous will take you to the beginning of the movie.

Next will take you to the next movie.

You can fast foreward using the ff button. If you press it once it will advance 1x, twice 2x, 3 times 4x…etc.  Same with rewind.

If you want to skip ahead more quickly than that(its really annoying trying to get to 50 minutes into the movie fast forewarding at 16x) you can hit the ff button then hit the next button.  This will advance you 10 minutes in the movie. 

Hope this helps

That’s very helpful. Thanks.

Unrelated question: Why do the movies that i copy to my external hdd work on WD tv but not on my mac book pro?

If i burn the same movie to a disk, my mac book pro plays it just fine.