Hello, Just got the Hub yesterday - - - 2 questions ( so far )

Hello everyone,

I’ve been browsing this site prior to purchasing the hub and it looks like I’ll be spending alot of time here. Great info & tips!

Anyway, I got my hub yesterday. Step #4 in the quickstart guide says to go the wd download site and download the WD Discovery Tool. I assume that this software provides the tools needed to download stuff to the hub, etc.

Well, I’ve got a Macbook and can’t open the file. Hmmm, now what? I’m sure that you folks can help.

I’m not very computer literate. My main reason for getting this product was so that I could download videos from sites such as www.freedocumentaries.org and many other sites offering documentaries and educational content.

I do have an original version Apple TV ( with 160 GB ) hooked up and that’s good for streaming  the stuff that Mr. Jobs " allows " you to view but I’m tired of the limited content and also the hiccuping of the stream. I wanna download stuff  to the hub and them watch it " hiccup free ". 

Is it really as easy as just dragging a video I’m watching on the Macbook to the WD icon that I assume will appear on my desktop and then it will " magically appear " on the hub?

OK, one last question for now: I read a previous link where keyboards where discussed and it was mentioned that the Apple Wireless Bluetooth keyboard worked with the Hub if a Targus Bluetooth adaptor was used. I have one of those keyboards so I purchashed**  the adaptor yesterday along with the Hub. The adaptor comes with a mini disc. The packaging only states PC compatible but I got it anyway. So, I put the disc in— nothing. I turned off the Mac and tilted it sideways and removed the disc. How would I get the keyboard to work with the hub? **

OK, I’m done for now.  Thanks for reading.        Michael K.     


P.S.  I just went to the User Manual site and am in the process of printing it out. Maybe some of my questions will be answered there.

You don’t need the WD discovery program. Your hub disc should show up on your network and you can copy files from your mac to the hub.

Unfortunately the site you mention in your post does not allow you to download the films (at the moment) however its an interesting site.

Thanks RichUK. Yeah, I read in the owner’s manual that I printed out just what you said about not needing the 

WD Discovery program for the Mac.Too bad that the site I mentioned can’t be downloaded. Yes, it is a great site. There are many others as well. I’ll see if some of them are downloadable. If not, then my purchase of the Hub doesn’t make sense. I may return it and just go back to hooking my laptop up to the TV. That way everything is available to view.

       Michael K.