Hello,help please 2 questions 3.0fw

now with firmware 3 this works great (finally).

even the custom themes for 2.6 works here.

1-But i have 1 problem since the first time i upgrade so 2.8xx. I choose 1080p e 60hz and save, but wdtv never save. The next time i reboot shows 720p again. Why? (i have  panasonic st 30 full hd tv plasma).

2-now with 3.0 the system dont show USB1 ,USB2 or internal hard drive. Now wdtv show the label of the harddrive. Can i use a icon or picture for TVShows Hard drive and other for the other hard drive (mkv music drive)?

I already tried to save a picture on the drive root named folder.jpg or folder.png but no luck.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

1- This is a known issue with the HDMI and the WD TV devices.

2- Nope, I have try this to, it is not possible, you will see the icon of the folder.