Hello and a question

Bought my WD TV Live yesterday and is fulfilling my hopes of what I wanted.

Nice little ‘tech’ toy!

I’ve read through most of the FAQ’s and still didn’t see what I wished for, so I’ll ask.

Looks like I should be able to share what’s on my Iphone thru this unit to my TV.

I paired it, but wasn’t able to share it, or just really still don’t know how.

I have a video clip on my phone that I took and hoped to share/view it on the TV.

Same seems to be with YouTube…

Maybe I’m just waiting long enough for a transfer to happen…

Assuming it’s transferring… assuming it’s transferring to the USB…

Too many assumptions…

Is there a step-by-step tutorial posted somewhere?

With a bit more searching I did find my answer.

It is Zappo TV!

I now have my pictures and videos on the TV from my Iphone!

Supposedly I can also use facebook and youtube this way…

We’ll soon see…

Good find

 Zappo TV should do the trick

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I’ll just have to compare the two…:wink:

Thanks for the response!

And the option!

Wizer - out of interest how exactly do you get WD2Go to do this?

richUK wrote:
Wizer - out of interest how exactly do you get WD2Go to do this?

Now that I see your post realized he talked about the WD TV and not the My Book Live…

Edited my original post.

Thanks for pointing that out