Heeeelp.. Can the WDTV Hub internal hdd play 3d content hooked directly to my tv?

Help before I dive into a 200 dollar hole!!! I’m not tech savvy… Can I play 3d content (12gb files) through the internal hdd of this unit straight to my tv? What is this no 3d pass through stuff? I’m buying this solely for the purpose of watching 3d movies as they bog down when streaming from plex right now

Well, it depends on what you mean by 3D Content.

12Gb files doesn’t mean anything… 

I read somewhere it doesnt allow 3D passthrough… what does that mean? I have 12gb mkv files that are compatible per  listed format supported (x264)… but they are 3D. My confusion stems from the first bit

I’ve never heard the term “3D Passthrough.”  So without a definition for that, I can’t tell you what that means.

In the context of Video Media, calling a file “3D”  is way too vague.

There’s many different formats of 3D.  Side by Side – Anaglyph – Top & Bottom

EVERY Media player under the sun can play all of those…  as long as the basic video format is supported by the box… The box doesn’t care because those format’s aren’t really 3D; it’s still just a plain, ordinary vanilla video stream.

The 3D that we’re becoming familiar with from BD3D is totally different; it’s actually two totally separate images, usually both in FULL HD, requiring DOUBLE the frame rate and DOUBLE the HDMI bitrate.  I’ve not seen but maybe one or two media players in the world that can do that.

So, what format are these MKV files in?

And just calling it a “12gb mkv” is meaningless.    I have lots of files bigger than 12gb that play fine.

I’m sure you can find sample files of your 3D content, and all their variants sources and output somewhere, which would be a lot smaller in size, and be great for testing out on the live hub. Smaller size in this case means, faster transferring to the hub for format and encode testing, instead of transferring 12GB files at a time only to find out it won’t work. Once you’ve sampled your files, you’ll know in the future which 3D technology is the one for your 3D TV and that the hub can correctly play. I do see the hub box saying it has HDMI 1.4, so it is possible… Though i haven’t tried it myself.

edit: blah, ya haven’t bought it yet, just saw that. So, you need another 3D savvy hub consumer, if they exist?–

In which case, it’ll probably be a good idea to state your 3D device types.