Heatsink or fan?

Is there heatsink or fan in WD TV Live Hub Media Center?


The leveling of WDTV Live Hub  has to be or any slope?

Actually, there’s no heatsink in the Live Hub, just a fan.

You can operate it at any angle or position you want.


Must I place WDTV  Live Hub only horizontally ? Or at any angle or position me want ?

Tell me. it is very important to know!

Guy already said it, Werner… you can place it however. I can’t think of any reason you’d need to place it in any other configuration, but yeah, anything should go. If you look on the bottom of the unit, you can see there are vents on both the left and right on the bottom as well as a vent in the middle where the fan is. You can see the fan right there if you look, it’s not hidden or anything. Place it however you want but make sure that you don’t move it a lot when it’s plugged in, and you probably should keep it placed on a solid surface, not hanging by the wires. There are little rubber feet on the bottom of the unit that keep it raised, so there is almost 1cm of space between the bottom of the unit and the surface that you place the Live Hub on. This is to allow room for air flow from the fan. Place it at whatever angle you want, but make sure that there is always space around the vents on the bottom for the air to move, or else the unit could overheat. Also, make sure it is stable because if it is hanging or loose somewhere, then not only will that put strain on the connectors and possibly break the connectors or wire, if something hit the Hub or it got shaken or tapped against something when it’s plugged in, the hard drive can be damaged and that will break the unit. It’s just like all hard drives (that are not SSD/solid state or flash drives), they’re moving drives and things can break off and be damaged if it is subject to sudden movement or hit or shock.


All that matters is that you do not BLOCK the air flow.

I also don’t recommend putting it on something hot like many of the Satellite or Cable boxes.

Also, it’s in the manual but there are THREE power modes for the HUB:

  1. ON

  2. Standby

  3. OFF

Standby is for accessing the HUB’s hard drive across the network but not using it with the TV. Pressing the Power button once when it’s on puts it in Standby.

*It’s usually best to turn the HUB completely OFF when not in use:

Hold the Power Button untile the WD logo disappears (about 5 seconds). You can tell it’s off because there’s no sound or vibration.