Heat Problem ... I Think

Had my WD Live TV MP for about 2 years ran like a dream. Until about a month ago, after getting a new router it strated to have problems. Did not have access to net work shares but it did access Media Server. Only thing about that is that I only got access to a limited number of files. (I asuming beacuse of file type and compresston ratio). Called Tech support about 3 times had me reset the device many times all being of no help.  Then one day i deciced to unplug the device power. Then the next day I tryed to access Network Shares it comse up and all my share show able to access the media and I watch and play movies for for about 20 hours straight then all fo a sudden while watching a movie it tell me that the media is can not be accessed. Then I un plug it again for aboug 3-5 hours and i’m able to see the movies again.

Do I need a fan or open the the device and install a proccesro cooler … or what.

funny how all of this is happening now after two trouble free years … and the only thing that has changed is a new router

i’d take that as a *clue*  and start investigating that avenue