Heat Of the Box Is This OK

Hi, Im a newbie to this forum and the WD Live, I have had an original Mk1 Media Player for years but upgraded to the Live a few days ago.

I notice the box gets quite warm, and where I used to just unplug my old Player with no problems I seem to experience multiple copies of files each time I disconnect the mains and then have to clear the library to get it back to normal. So that’s no longer an option, so my question, (Got there eventually) does the box overheat if left plugged in and on? Or do I have to eject the HD everytime so I can switch off the mains. I know people will say why switch of the mains but I have an automatic HDMI switcher and all the time the WD live is plugged in it sends a signal overriding the HDMI switcher. Thanks in advance.

Answered my own question. Hold the off button for more than
6 seconds turns the box off completely so no need to un plug the mains
Thanks me! Lol. Just need to sort out the stupid annoying
Thumbnails not showing on all files now. :frowning: