Healthy Drive wont Boot!


I have a WD Velociraptor 160GB WD1600HLFS. The other day My Computer locked up during a Windows Update and i

had to reboot the machine.

After the reboot the Disk was no longer detected by the BIOS! The drive is fine though. If i bung it in another machine and run any test with it it comes back green. I can transfer, copy, backup delete whatever i like but it wont boot from it. Data Lifeguard says its absolutely fine.

This isn’t a dead MBR, it literally just locks up the boot process when it tries to find a bootable device. No Errors, it just

doesn’t progress.

This isn’t the first time i have seen this with a WD drive. Has anyone else seen it? and does anyone know how to fix it?



do the backups that you need with the drive just to be safe

if needed run linux or other system with the pen drive and copy to another device :slight_smile:

after that use a windows cd to restore the boot, you can do option repair for it

If you use Win7, try to make a boot repair CD from another Win7 PC. (Try Google for how to) Use that CD to repair your boot system on the subjected drive.