Heads up iOS 5 breaks WD Photo and WD 2go apps

Just a heads up. I am a iOS developer and therefore testing my apps on the iOS 5 betas. By chance I noticed that both WD 2go and WD Photo are broken on the iOS 5 platform - both the iPad and iPhone versions. The in-app views and sheets are not loading properly.

iOS 5 is nearing release and therefore I urge that new binaries be submitted to apple (if not done already) that fixes the problems.

If I may also suggest a feature upgrade for the WD 2go app: Please add an “Open in…” button. It is understandable that you did not include a lot of video, music, etc viewers in the app, but a “Open in…” button makes it possible for the user to send the file to another app that can treat the file. It is possible in iOS, check ie the dropbox iOS app.

Thx for great software (as well as hardware).

Yes, we’re trying to determine what exactly is going on. The failure seems rather random and inconsistent on different devices. Works fairly well on a 3GS, but fails almost immediately on an iPad. In the simulator it works flawlessly. 

We’ll let you know what we find and if you have an idea, certainly share. We really value the community and are both glad that you enjoy our products as well as influence them. Yes, open with… is something that is coming. 



I’m not sure what the issue is. I believe though that it might have to do with refresh/reload of the views. On my iPad the photos only load if I move to next photo and back… Another theory is that you are trying to update the UI from two different threads - and iOS 5 could be less tolerant than iOS 4.

Did you check the simulator in the new Xcode beta (which accompanies the iOS 5 binaries)? There you can also hook on directly to the iPhone and iPad devices to read their logs. There should be some kind of error, as the app UI becomes sort of unresponsive.