Headphones on wdtv live


I have a wdtv live media streamer.

I want to use my locitech g35 usb surround headset with my wdtv.

I get no sound when I plug it in the usb port.

Is there any way to make it work?

If not, wd defently should fix this issue…

I don’t think you know how this thing works.  The USB ports on the WD media player are inputs, not outputs!  (e.g. for HDDs, and for some units, also for wireless adapters.)

Anyway, you tap off the audio (stereo only) from the A/V output on the back of the WD to an audio amp, and listen through the amp or, if you audio is going from HDMI into a multi-channel amp then you plug your headphones in to amp (assuming it is a standard headphone plug, )but since you mention a USB connector, perhaps that is how your headphones connect.  If so, then RTFM for your headphones, amp, etc to figure it all out.  What you are experience is NOT a WD issue – it is an issue with your equipment hookups/compatibilities, etc.