Headphone problem

My first post here. Pardon my English.

Ok. Here the deal. I connect my WD TV LIVE to my Tv using a HDMI- Cable. However, sometimes I wish I could use my headphones so I don’t disturb the neighbors at night etc. Is this possible without a receiver? And no, my TV has no headphone output… The old WD TV had right/left inputs so I could connect RCA connectors and get nice sound to my headphones. This Live version only has one A/V output, and when trying to connect with female 2 RCA to 1 I still get sound from only one channel. My right ear. Annoying offcourse. I know this has been a topic here and there on the internet. The solution seems to be a receiver  which I currently can not afford.  Any other reasonable solutions so I can use my headphones like I could with the old one?  Major drawback when me and my  neighbors are separated by just thin walls. Answers are highly appreciated.

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You could purchase a rca female x 2 to headphone socket adaptor. This would allow you to plug the red and white plugs from the WD AV lead into the female sockets and your headphones into the headphone socket.

some thing like this


(ignore the mono bit in the description it appears from the write up that it is stereo)

or this


I will assume that the WDTV output can drive your headphones.

I have a lot of adapters and wish you were right. But still only one channel… Tested my 3 headphones.

You’re using the ORIGINAL WD “Composite” cable plus these adapters?   

I understand what you meant now. Sorry… I will go buy that adapter… thought I had the same, but no. Thanks for answering! :slight_smile:

Let us know how it works out!