Headless Download manager compatible with WD MBL 2TB

Please can anybody of you help me find and install something like flashget for PC, on my MBL 2TB. I will need http & ftp user pass based downloads, with queuing system and auto retry with delays on connect failures.

I do download via seed.st to a seedbox and fetch the files from the seedbox to my dekstop, it takes time to download GBs of movies, I will love to keep my Desktop off and use the MBL instead.

I have seen excellent guides for NZB / torrent downloaders, I understand I can just turn my MBL into a seedbox, but since I don’t have a great upload speed, I will like to keep the uploading and downloading in the seedbox and just keep downloading the final files to my MBL instead.

I’m just a beginner with MBL, just have enabled SSH, but haven’t installed any package yet, so I will appreciate a guide or a pointer to the steps.

NVM, I was able to setup pyLoad. Followed these instructions. O Boy loving my book live!


I don’t have experience on that area. Perhaps one of the user on the forum can provide you some insides on your question.

I’ve been using pyLoad for the last few days, its working quite good… Had updated my OP above. If anybody has any better alternatives I will be glad to switch.

I must say. I’m glad to own this NAS by WD