Head crash?

Hi, I could use some opinions on my situation:

A small PC speaker dropped on my powered hard drive (WD30EURS). Is there any chance it didn’t cause a head crash? Is there any chance it might be fixable without using expensive data recovery companies?

When i plug it in it still seems to spin up, yet it appears it’s struggling and my PC tends to boot up slowly (OS isn’t on this disk, it was only used as storage). At first, after the accident, everything seemed to work fine, but soon the disk started taking longer time to access the files and after a short time my PC stopped detecting the drive…

Any help and thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.


Welcome to the WD Community.

Not sure about that mate. Since the drive was powered, might have afected one of the arm of the drive.

What about the bios of the computer, are you able to see the drive listed on the bios? If yes, is the drive showing on disk management?


I’m usually able to see the disk in the bios after I connect it, but then I’m not able to see it in disk management in the end. Here’s what usually happens:

  • I connect the drive

  • it sounds relatively normal

  • I can see it in the bios

  • I proceed and let Windows boot

  • booting takes a long time (clearly has something to do with this drive since if I disconnect it it boots normally)

  • Windows finally boot up, but they hang for a while and after I finally manage to access disk management (or anything for that matter) I can’t see the drive anymore and the drive appears to have stopped spinning.

I’m sorry, I wouldn’t like to be annoying but I hope you don’t mind me bumping this thread since I could use additional opinions about my problem, if someone has them. Thanks.