Hdtv live hub = problems

I ve just bought a HDTV Live Hub, but i am very disapointed. Here are the problems:

i) I just cant copy files from my media server (Iomega) to the HDTV live hub. I press the option button in the file i want to copy, but nothing ocours. It does not appear the menu to copy;

 ii) when i copy a video from usb to wdtv it just cant see it. I go to the computer and the file is there. But wdtv cant see it. 

iii) when i see the video from my midia server it just dont show the subtitles. I copy it to a USB and it play the subtitle.

It is just my first day with wdtv live hub and i ve already found the problems. Anyone could help me?

I had a silmilar problem, but all I did was clear the media library thingo, then let it re-do the database, and it was OK.