HDMI Video mode changes fail with WDTV Live

This is a message to WDTV support team.

We at Unigraf have been using WDTV extensively as an easy to use HDMI test signal source, and have been very satisfied with the reliability and nice, compact size. I however find that WDTV Live is not so rugged any more than the older WDTV. It seems that it has problems with e.g. HDMI video and color mode changes.

  • Change Video & Audio mode > HDMI > color mode 8 bit to 12 bit >> no change

  • Change from YCbCr to RGB … HDMI > 1080p60Hz > RGB High >> WDTV Live just sends a correct AV InfoFrame but does not change the video mode. After giving a HPD the video mode is changed.

AVI (Auxiliary Video InfoFrame)

– Header –
Type          = 0x82 (AVI)
Version       = 2
Length        = 13
Checksum      = Good (0xeb)
Reserved bits = Good

– Contents –
Reserved bits = Good
Color Space   = 2 (YCbCr 4:4:4)
Format Info   = 1 (Present)
Bar Data      = 0 (Not present)
Scan Info     = 0 (No Data)
Colorimetry   = 0 (No Data)
Coded frame AR= 2 (16:9)
AFD Aspect    = 8
  (ATSC: 16:9 Full frame)
  (DVB: As the coded frame)
ITC Content   = 0 (No Data)
E-Colorimetry = 0 (xvYCC601)
RGB Quant.    = 0 (Default (depends on video format))
Non-U Scaling = 0 (No Known non-uniform scaling)
VIC           = 16
YCC Quant.    = 0 (Limited range)
ITC Type      = 0 (Graphics)
Pixel repets  = 0 (No repeats)
ETB           = 0
SBB           = 65535
ELB           = 0
SRB           = 65535

– End of details –


I recommend that you get familiar with our tools www.unigraf.fi/products/testing-display-electronics/hdmi-testing. The HDMI link status log provides you all the information about the metadata and the video and audio modes sent.


WD Product Info.jpg


Thanks for the information ,I will pass it  to the WD staff.

Can you provide your TV’s EDID and model #? If it doesn’t support 12 bit color, the 12 bit color setting will have no effect.

We weren’t able to reproduce the 2nd problem you reported using our TVs.