Hdmi to dvi issues


I have hooked up wdtv live streaming to my tv (lg : MT- 50PZ41VAHLLKG) throught a hdmi to dvi cable using the stereo output for audio and it works most of the time and others it will display with pink or green tinge, a fractured image or no display at all. Sometimes restarting the device will fix the problem but most of the time the device will need to be unpluged for a few hours before it will reset it self to work with the tv. I also have a wd hd media player and when i plug that it it always displays perfectly and i have also tried 2 different sets of cables and i still have the same problem.

If anyone has any ideas it would be greatly appreciated

ps hdmi output setting is auto


For some reason the unit might be loosing the synchonization with the TV.

The HDMI cable that you are using, is a 1.4 or lower?

Please note that the WDTV Live SMP supports HDMI 1.4 and the previews versions of the media player used to support HDMI 1.2.