HDMI to DVI-d compatibility

Hi, I got a WD HD Live, which I want to connect to my PC monitor (Samsung 2233sw+) which has a DVI-D input. Does a HDMI 1.2a to DVI-D cable is good enough for this or I need to buy 1.3c version cable? What is the version of HDMI does the Player have. I could not find a v1.3 cable in my town. Any help is appreciated.



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The HDMI interface on the WDTV is 1.3, but that doesn’t mean you need 1.3 to make it work.   If you’re going to DVI, 1.2 (probably even 1.1) will work.

However, note that there have been quite a few people reporting that using DVI interfaces are problematic, probably due to the lack of HDCP on DVI connections.   You might search the forum before spending any money…


Is it possible for you to tell me what HDMI subversion in the player ( 1.3a, 1,3b or 1.3c)?



The specifications don’t give that info, sorry.

purchase 1st gen wdtv, it has zero problem with hdmi/dvi cable!!!

None of my devices give me any issues like the wdtv live.  They all handshake fine.  My dvi display device is hdcp compliant.  Its the poor support from WD that will not fix these issues.  If they only could force resolution output, none of us will have issues.  But they choose not to.