HDMI to Component not working

I have a WD TV Live Plus and works fine when connected to the HDMI port of my Samsung LCD. But as my LCD has only one HDMI port, and I need it for cable TV and don’t want to keep plugging and unplugging the HDMI cable, I want to connect the WD TV Live Plus to the Component port of my TV.

I bought an HDMI to Component cable but it doesn’t work, I get “no signal”. I tried it on two different TV’s and never works. I want to know if I bought the wrong cable (it’s a common cable with HDMI on one side, and five RCA -red and white for audio, and red green and blue for video- on the other side) and if there are other alternatives.

Thank you!


Just use the component cable that came with the Plus.

You’re right. I didn’t remember that the WD TV Live Plus came with two cables. Luckily, I found them! Now it works fine.

Thank you very much.