HDMI switch

I am not sure if this question belongs here, but I give it a try. 

My television didn’t have enought HDMI ports; so I bought a HDMI switch. I connected two devices on the switch:

  • WD TV Live Hub
  • Xbox

With the media player there is a problem. When I play a movie there is interfence - every 3 -5 minutes. When I connect the media player directly there’s nog problem. 

Switch: Konig 2 port HDMI switch

Television: Panasonic G10

Could the problem be caused by HDCP safety? Is there anything else I can do to solve this?

This issue is related to the HDMI switch, I tried several HDMI Switch, I encounter your same issue, in several of them. I’m using this one right now and it works like a charm:


Did you ever contact a manufacturer to hear what’s causing the problem? 

I’ve sent a mail to the manufacturer; they’re looking  into it.  When I hear something I will post it here.