Dear Sir or Madam,

Most new “WD TV Live Streaming Media Player” device access, as the latest firmware installed, I use seamlessly with projection device.
Next time, I’m having a problem like this;
A “HDMI Switch” bought. WD between the projection device, I connected the HDMI switcher. In 1080p resolution, about 30-40 minutes after you start playing a movie, the WD device also turns out that my symptoms:

  1. slowing down menus.
  2. “insufficient memory, restart device” gives the message.
  3. And finally, the device freezes, crashes.
  4. I’m connecting the device disconnecting and reconnecting the power. But the problem is repeating the above. I am repeating the same vicious cycle.

As you also come to mind, HDMI Switch could also be a problem, I thought. WD ‘s dismantle, HDMI Switch’ to other devices (satellite receiver, etc.) Hooked. Whether I run tests for days. HDMI also Swich no problem, no problem. HDMI Switch is working properly.

HDMI Switcher got to do with lack of memory, I could not understand. Very strange problem.

I am currently on my WD device, I use without HDMI Switch, I had to use that. Without HDMI Switcher, I’m playing the same film, 1080P, no problem.

I’ve had such a problem, I want to let you know.

Best regards…


Sometimes HDMI switches have power adapters. Does this switch have a power adapter on it ?

Yes, there are HDMI Switcher power adapter. I’m using the power adapter.