HDMI Switch issues

I have a WD TV live running into a HDMI switch along with 2xPS3 and another media centre. The outputs are to a Toshiba and an LG LCD TV’s

All of the inputs play to both TV’s well with the exception of the WD TV live. At times it will play as it should but from time to time it will only play to the LG TV if the Toshiba is turned on at the same time. As soon as the Toshiba is turned off the signal is lost to the LG.

It doesn’t happen all the time, at least half the time it works without fail but when it doesn’t it is frustrating!

I think I may have solved it! I think the problem was the the 2 TV’s were fighting each other as to which video setting they needed to run optimally. I set the video output to the highest settings of the LG TV and the issue resolved itself.