HDMI settings Sensing and HDMI Switch

Here is the problem I am finding with both of my WD TV LIVE units each of which are attached to HDMI switches in their two respective locations:

 When the WD TV LIVE is turned on the resolution will be incorrect (480). If I then go to settings a/v and auto, or even cycle between widescreen, normal to widescreen the resolution corrects. But then if the WD TV LIVE is cycled down on restart it will go to 480.

This may have to do with my HDMI switches which are “joylink” switches from 2007.

On one WD there is no attached hard drive, it is just on my network, so my temporary solution is to leave it on. The other one though has a hard drive attached and I do believe that this leaves my attached drive mounted and powered which is not best (or even good) practices.

Anyone seen this or have any ideas for a solution? I cannot get  WD TV LIVEs to keep 720/widescreen settings on power off even if I manual set them.

Thank you for any ideas.

try to connect directly without a switch and see if you still have the problem.  Many of us have this 480p only resolution problem because we have a DVI display and we’re using hdmi/dvi adaptor.