HDMI Resolution Changes on it's own

I’ve just got a new WD TV Media Player yesterday, so I’m very new to it. I updated the firmware to the latest version when I switched it on.

It’s plugged into a In Focus IN76 which is a 720p (1280x720) resolution.

With the video output set to auto I had strange effects, sometimes the image would look purple, sometimes it would choose 720, sometimes it would choose 480. So I manually changed it to 720p.

I watched one film, and then this morning went to test out another one. As the new film was beginning to play the screen went blank and my projector thinks it is connected to a 1080i.

  1. Now I can’t see the screen. Can I change the resolution back to 720p using the remote? Or is there a web interface to do this?

  2. How can I set the WD HD output resolution for good, so that it doesn’t change.



Welcome to the Community.

Unless you completely power down your WD TV it should not forget the output resolution settings unless there’s an HDMI handshake issue with the projector. Are you able to connect your WDTV into a TV or another projector for testing? You can reset your media player by pressing the reset switch underneath.