HDMI Resolution Changes on it's own


I have the same problem than this topic:


I have a WD TV Media Player set to 1080i50.

I need to unplug it to move it. Sometimes it changes it resolution on it own . Sometimes it set it to 720p other times to an 1080p…

The WD is connected to a Kramer HD-SDI converter (FC-113)  so i don’t think it is a hdmi handbrake problem.

I can not see the current resolution until it is set to 1080i50.

If it changes i need to unplug it, move it to another screen…

Is there anyway to set the resolution by web interface? To bind it to a remote key?

Or to set it by default even if the WD is unplug?

Thanks for your help.


Hi there,

Have tou tried to go to settings and then there is an option calles audio/video output, here you will see an option to select a resolution for the device, try to set a specific resolution see if this helps.

Thanks for your reply.

Of course, i set the resolution by hand at 720p50 but after on/off it change on it’s own but is not set to auto.

Any other idea?