HDMi Reoccuring problems - WD Tv Live - My Third unit stopped

Hi everyone

i have a WD TV LIVE and just got a replacement 3rd unit which has again stopped to display a  picture with HDMI

the first unit lasted 9 months with HDMi connected and one day it just stopped so i got a replacement unit

the second unit lasted under 3 months and the same thing happened

with units 1 and 2 i did not connect them with scart

the third unit lasted 1 day with HDMi and now no picture - no startup screen nothing appears

i have now connected it with the yellow / white/ red connector into a scart socket and it operates as normal

but i have bought this for playing hdmi 1080p movies / films

i know  the cable is ok as everytime it has worked with units 1, 2 and 3

there seems to be a big issue with HDMI

can someone please share any advise on the situation

i have the latest firmware but installed it after the HDMi stopped

many thanks

Samsung lcd?.

I have a sony bravia ex700 Lcd

does anyone have any ideas on this issue as i dont know if i should return the unit yet again

or to try some ones advice to get it to work

what are the problems you are having wit the media player

did you not read the first innitial post -

when connected with HDMI there is no picture - it was there but stopped showing up

it has happened now to 3 different units

one day it just stops to show when using the hdmi connector

When your Sony Bravia ‘stops’, does the power light on the TV turn red and blink?

Nothing happens to the Bravia TV

the wd tv live does not transmit any signal to the TV when linked up with HDMI cable

it works when i link up the WD to the Sony TV

i know the HDMI cable is ok as when i receive new WD TV units - i CAN get the HDMI to show on my Sony TV

then (it can be months or with the last unit a day ) the HDMI signal just does not show up on the TV

i am now on the 3rd unit and unsure how to proceed - thought i would try the forums before returning the unit yet again to the shop

It is very unlikely that 3 WDTV units fail in the same way without there being some other envronmental factor.

So some questions-

  1. When you do not see the display from the WDTV do you see-

 a) a black screen

 b) a blue screen

 c) a screen with a message like No Signal

  1. When this problem happens have you tried to reseat the HDMI connectors on both the WDTV and the SONY TV? Then restarted both devices. TV first then WDTV. (Just because a HDMI cable works some times does not mean it is a good HDMI cable)

  2. When the problem occurs, have you cycled through the various input sources on the TV to make sure something on the TV end has not been reset?

  3. When the problem occurs, have you used the WDTV component connection to see if something in the WDTV System>Audio/Video settings have been reset?

  1. a black screen

  2. by reseating i think you mean to remove / unplug from TV and unit - so yes i have tried that numerous times

i have only 1 hdmi cable to try

3)it all looks ok to me - will have another relook

4)i have tried the white/ yellow / red cable from unit to TV - is that a component ? well it works that method and yes i had a look at the setting and toggled and tried a few different varients

still just a black screen with the HDMI cable

Im just browsing looking for another issue with my In Laws Live plus, but this caught my eye…

If the Unit works initially then stops working, did you try it back on the SONY, and if so was it working, because if it is, then its not the boxes.

Edit -  mmm getting confused with how many TVs you have got. Do you not have someone you know that could try it on their TV. The common factor is yout TV and the HDMI cable, 3 boxes cant be broken, or the odds must be astronomical.

I would go with the cable myself.

A friend of mine struggle for ages with his, it turned out that he had to cut down his HDMI cable end, as the inside of the box is known to cause problems, just trim off the connector that goes into the WD box, sometimes the connector can be iffy.

i only have one Sony TV

i will try and ask a few friends but cant say right now if they have a HDMI Tv to test it out on

Not sure if i want to cut the HDMI cable - not my expertise and will definately mess it up -

would rather just get another cable

Yellow / White / Red connector is Composite, not Component, but it works just as well for the test that was suggested. 

I agree with previous user (wdtvhub) that it has to be something else, either the HDMI cable or the TV itself. To rule out this you need to test the box on another television. Using composite or component will only tell you that those interfaces are working, but wont solve the issue of the HDMI, nor will it even respond to the question of where is the issue. 

Connecting the unit to another television and with another HDMI cable will get you closer on finding the real reason as to why this is happening. As far as I know, if the interface of the HDMI on the Media Player was bad, it should send a “No Signal” on your television, not a black screen. So check on that and let us know.