Hdmi problems!

During the past two days I have had 2 different WD tv live boxes, both of them with HDMI connection problems. They both worked fine initially. The first one wouldn’t connect to the tv all of a sudden (no signal). The second one I got at the store also worked fine to begin with but suddenly the audio was gone when connecting with HDMI.

Anyone else experienced anything similar?

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Are you sure there is nothing wrong with the TV to which the WD Live is connected?

Check that first and make sure that the TV works fine connected to a DVD player.

If it does, then try wiggling the HDMI cable to be sure the connector interface is not damaged. 

Does the audio stop at random times or when you select a particular content?

it is highly unlikely that two WD live players would have the same failure after some shor time of use–more likely it is the cable or the TV.

Try this and report back.

Good luck. 

I also tried two different HDMI cords and finally switched back to the rca jacks.  For me it started garbling what they were saying.  

I bought the WD TV Live today. Played for 2 hours using HDMI. All of a sudden the sound is gone. I switch from playing video to audio, the some came on again but only for a while. I tried everything including updating the firmware nothing works. Until now no more sound using the HDMI cable. I read there were a few others having similar problems.