HDMI problems with WD TV Live HD media player

I have a WD TV Live HD media player for more or less 5 years already. I have no problem with it until last week when it started to not recognize my external hard disk and keeps on crashing. Then HDMI1 port 1 crashed. I switched it to HDMI 2 and the same thing happened.I checked up on all connections. I switched HDMI cables but still the same. Until HDMI1 became “not supported” during startup. Then I tried HDMI2. It started up then crashed then went back again then crashed. There are times that when I watched videos, it crashed then went back again then crashed again like blinking lights. The firmware is latest. I need help about this. Kindly give me some support asap.

Sounds like the WDTV has an issue. This is a user 2 user forum, so suggest you contact WD Support on this.

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I thought that there might be someone here who also experienced the same thing so he can share some advice about it.

Stand by, someone here may help now that the main football game is over in US! I have no clue what might be going on with your WDTV, sorry to say.

Not sure what you’re talking about… HDMI1 and 2? The WDTV only has a single HDMI output.
And what do you mean by “HDMI port 1 crashed”?

Sorry. Correction its the tv that has 2 hdmi ports.

My LG Tv has lost all 4 hdmi ports. Get a conversion cable “RGA to HDMI”

Same thing has happened to me. Have had the same WD TV Live media player for a few years and was working fine up until today.
Now for no apparent reason that I can fathom, my TV can no longer pickup/see the WD TV Live media player via HDMI. Have changed ports, changed cables, powered down, reset the device, removed and reconnected the ext HDD’s and nothing works.
The WD TV Live media player blinks as it powers up and reads the ext HDD, but nothing is displayed on the TV screen?
I have turned off the networking feature so it doesn’t connect to the wifi and update automatically and it’s been like this for past few years without issue. … Until Now???
Does or did anyone have a similar issue and potential solution?