HDMI problem

Hello all, 

I’m Kevin and I have a problem which is driving me crazy.

First of all, specs of the devices I use:

55 inch led smart tv from Samsung

Home cinema system Samsung HT-E5500

BD Live tv hub 1TB media player

I have an HDMI cable in the ‘in’ of my tv and in the ‘out’ of my home cinema system. My HUB is also connected via HDMI cable from home cinema system in to the HUB.

This used to work without any problems, but all of a sudden I’m not receiving video and audio anymore. (nothing special happened, just stopped working with no obvious reason)

When I connect my tv via HDMI cable to my HUB, it works, I get audio and visual, but I want music and sound via my home cinema system speakers. (and I want it all to work through HDMI like it should be able to and like it used to).

So initially I thought my home cinema system was to blame, but since my mother also has a WD TV live hub, same model and same firmware, same settings etc. I thought Id check that out first.

When I connected her hub to my home cinema system (HDMI connected as explained above via home cinema system) it worked, I got audio and visual!

So weird. So when I plug her HUB in it works, then without any changes except for just taking the HDMI cable out of her HUB and connecting it into mine and then I get no visual and audio again.

I have tried changing HDMI cables, looked at all possible video settings, all is same as hers but hers works via my home cinema system and my simply doesn’t. I have downgraded my firmware after that try and upgraded it again, still no luck. I have tried to switch on the devices in different orders, again no luck. 

I really hope someone can help me with this.

Thanks in advance!


Hi, have you tried connecting your Live Hub and then doing a powercycle? You need to press the Off button for 3 seconds and then turn it on again.

Thank you for your comment.
I have tried it just now, unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be the solution.

anyhelp to you - http://www.digitaltrends.com/home-theater/hdmi-arc-explained-works-care/#!OJi3x

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Thank you Fender, this is a good alternative. But unfortunately it still doesn’t explain why there isn’t a sync between my home cinema and the WD live tv hub.

So I tried it, connected my HDMI cable into the 2nd port of my tv which says HDMI arc (HDMI 1 is DVI) to the HUB directly and an HDMI cable from tv to home cinema. And now I get video on tv and surround sound via home cinema. So thank you Fender. Does this give a lead btw as to why my home cinema and HUB don’t correspond with each other directly?

handshaking issue pass through possibly