HDMI port on DVD player compatible with WDTV?

I have recently bought a 1TB My Passport, and want to stream shows and movies from it onto my television… My television is a bit older and doesn’t have any HDMI ports, but is connected to my LG DVD player which does have a HDMI port. If I were to purchase a WDTV Media Player, would it be able to work through my DVD player?

Thank you!

The HDMI port on your LG DVD Player is a Video/Audio Output connection to a HDTV

it’s not an Input


(A complete LG Home Theatre System, may have a HDMI Input)  But, i’d need the Model No. to confirm


If you Purchase a WDTV Media Player … it connects to your TV’s Video/Audio Inputs


My WDTV Live Hub it can be connected 3 ways to a TV


Composite : Red,White,Yellow (Compatible with all TV’s including Old ones)

Component : Red,Green,Blue (Red,White for Audio)

HDMI : for a HDTV with HDMI inputs