HDMI port failure - help needed

I use HDMI cable to connect my WD TV Live plus to my Plasma TV and Optical to connect to my receiver. It had been fine until yesterday, when the HDMI connection did not produce any visual or sound. I tested the cable with laptop and the cable was fine, also tried to connect to another TV and it failed.

Anyone has experienced the same? I assume it is a hardware failure, is it right?

It might be, but you can do the following to test:

Disconnect the HDMI cable and attach the COMPOSITE or COMPONENT connections.

Any picture there?   If so, try going to the SETUP menu and do a RESTORE FACTORY SETTINGS.

This will reboot the box.   After the reboot, pull the power plug.   Unplug the COMPOSITE or COMPONENT cables from the WD, and try re-attaching the HDMI.


Thank you for the hint. I reset it following your instruction and HDMI still fails. Component works OK though, and I am now using it.

Still feel very disappointed as I have had it for barely a month, buying off Amazon.com and have a friend of mine to carry it home for me (in Vietnam) from the States!