HDMI output does not work anymore

Hi all, today my HDMI out stopped to work suddenly. I don’t what is changed since I didn’t upload or upgraded any firmware, I didn’t change any setting. Just pick up my device and saw anything. The only way I have to see something is by connecting the device via component, but even if I force to use HDMI video output I cannot see anything. Note that I’ve already tried to reset the device, with no success. I can assume the HDMI is DEAD and then follow the instructions for using the warranty? Does anybody know if I can do some other test? Thanks, Raoul

You may try with an additional HDMI cable, and with another TV, in order to compare results.  If still fails you must replace it.

Since I’ve changed cable and TV with the same results, it’s time to say goodbye to this WONDERFUL player.

Thanks a lot,


This is a good lesson for all of us. There have been other posts with the same problem that points to the HDMI port on the hub. We need to be careful when handling the hub when we reset it, or disconnect the power, etc. Any bending or twisting of the HDMI cable could damage the port.

As far as saying goodbye to the machine, I know HDMI is the way to go, but couldn’t you live with component cables? I’ve found that if you generally don’t notice the difference (unless everything you have is in 1080p).

i had the same issue today… i did not change anything in the settings. neither at the avr nor on the hub. my avr suddenly switched signal to analog and i had no chance to set it back to hdmi again. i changed the cable, made a factory reset. nothing helped. this is really making my veins explode.

i see there are no solutions for this issue, unfortunately.

i am still in warranty with this device and i will claim for my money AND I WILL NEVER BUY A WD PRODUCT AGAIN.