HDMI output auto settings : how does it works (wrong resolution detection issues)

My hub is setting to auto adjust the output for hdmi and auto detect frame rate.

But when i check on my tv the actual rate i have some disperancy between the file resolution and the actual played resolution of the hub.

for examples :

I tried a mkv h264 avc1 video who is true 1080p at 30fps (checked with VLC on my PC). THe hub play it at 720p.

I try a mkv file in 720p, and the hub played it at 1080p/24

I try the sample file included in the hub, they are played at 1080p/24… (i don’t knox the actual resolution of this file)

I try a 624x352 xvid files at 24 fps, and it played it at 1080p/24

A 608 x 352 divx files at 25 fps is played at 720p

i don’t really understand how the hub is dealing with this.

Should I change the hdmi output to a fixed value? If yes wich value would be the best for all files? My tv is 1080p/24 compatibla, has not a high upscaling engine capacity (LG 50PK550 plasma).

The Hub selects the NATIVE RESOLUTION as advertised by the EDID protocol from your TV.

It uses that NATIVE resolution to display EVERYTHING; the UI, video files, etc.

It will use that native resolution REGARDLESS of the resolution of the SOURCE MATERIAL.


the frame rate of the video file is 24p  AND you have HDMI Frame Rate Matching ENABLED.

If BOTH of those are true, and your TV supports 1080p24 INPUT, it will switch to 1080p24, REGARDLESS of the resolution of the source material.

If i well understand, i should set the hub to match the resolution of my tv.

In my case, it is a 1080p tv, with 24/50/60 fps compatibility.

So, should i use the 1080p/60 mode on the hub, instead of auto mode? But in this case, what will happend when playing 24 fps video? would I have a loss of quality or fluidity?

I don’t really understand the purpose of the 24fps mode actually.

I’ve played around a bit with the video output settings. When set to 1080p/50 or 1080p/60 and 1080p/24 source material, to my eyes the motion was not as fluid as when the output is set to auto.

What bothers me is that when set to auto, not only the resolution and fps rate are allowed to change when needed, but it also sets the HDMI Deep-Color Mode to 8 bit. On my TV I have problems getting deep blacks with this setting. I’ve toyed with the TV’s settings as well, but I still have much more grey in the blacks than when set to 12-bit mode.

i didnt notice motion issue by using 1080p/60 settings. But it may be my eyes are lessa accurate…

I found any time i use 24 fps 1080p mode,  frame matching, etc,  the Audio becomes out of sync with my video.  Only the 1080i mode seems to work OK…

If I use the auto mode, and the Hub switches to 1080p/24 I have no problems at all. It just plays my files perfectly.

When you experience this out of sync problem, do you play these files from the network? Or from the built in hard drive?

i have mine set to 1080p/24 and it will upconvert videos to 1080p/24, the only issues is if the video is 60fps u will get alot of jitter and skip, but all the other videos look better, i had tried auto and the videos just did not look as clear as it did for 1080p/24, maybe it was just me though.