Hdmi on live streaming device not working

TV is a sharp LC-26DV24U

It does not recognize the wdtv live streaming device on the input

Cable and box are good as I was moving it to a different TV

Any thoughts on how to get it working ?

Try connecting to the TV using the composite input. Go into the audio/video setup and manually set the HDMI output to a frequency/resolution that you know your TV supports. Then switch back to the HDMI output.

If that doesn’t work, you can always use the component input instead.

Forgive my ignorance but not sure how to do that

The wdtv has HDMI and optical for outputs only

No, it also has componenet video, as well as composite video & audio output (both via the little 3.5mm jacks, and the two sets of cables that came with it.)

OK found those cables

Red white yellow RCA type on one end and the 3.5 headphone style on the other

Connected the wdtv that way and had a black screen and buzzing from the speakers

I am stumped because I had just moved it upstairs 3 days ago after having had it connected to my fibre open cable box via HDMI so I know the HDMI works on the TV

Maybe I have to change something on the wdtv side of things

If I hook it up to another TV that I know it works on! What settings should I default it to ?

I tried for a moment last night but when I saw there was 720p with both 50 and 60 hz I got last because of what comes next

It then asks for auto, rgb high, rgb low and ycbcr

Each one having an 8 and 12 bit option
Not really sure where to go from here