HDMI now not working.......again?


I’m looking to now have my 2nd WD Live TV media player sent back (have yet to contact WD to arrange this, been a bit bummed about the fact the first one wasn’t a one off!) because the HDMI connection has stopped working (I just get ‘no signal’ on the TV) On the 2nd one after plugging/unplugging the cable less than 8 times (and carefully as I didn’t want it to break like the first one…DOH)

I have read about this issue on some forums and so I know it’s not just with the onse I have recieved.

I Have 2 TVs that have an HDMI cable connected and I switch between the 2. The first one worked for ages (comparively speaking compared to the 2nd one. 1st = 7months, 2nd = 2weeks) and I know both units are working fine (apart from the HDMI issue) as if I use the component cables it’s fine.

So I’m now looking to change the device for something else as I don’t want to be sending them back as if nothing else it’s costing me recorded post each time.

The main thing for me is that it must recognise a Mac formatted drive (I know I can have an MS-DOS (FAT) formatted drive that will work but it’s slow transfer speeds to copy to).

So with that in mind do the other WD media players work with Mac formatted drives and do they have the same HDMI issue as the Live TV one?



Not as far as I know, but it’s not normal either for 2 media players to fail the same way… Are you sure there’s nothing in between that could be killing the HDMI port?

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Thanks for your reply ThePizzaMatrix

How do you mean killing the port?

I mean it would make sense as I’m sure WD wouldn’t release an item without fully testing it first.

What could do that?


Anything, from over-stressing it to electrical faults to a bad cable can damage HDMI ports.

Ok thanks,

There a few items running from the same power source so i suppose replace the HDMI cable would be a good place to start.

Once the port is not working is it permanent?

Thanks again

Tends to be.

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Ok thanks for your help