The hdmi port does not appears to be working on my unit…I am however able to view the WD LIVE when using the RCA connection.

I have been reading up on this and have tried everything the unit is out of warranty and I am wondering if it is possible to replace the HDMI connector on the unit?


Do not assume the box is dead. Have you tried the box on another digital TV?

I have tried it on another TV and it does the same.

I can get the unit to display only using RCA cables…hmm…

You may have a bad HDMI cable or you may be experiencing HDMI handshaking issues. Before you open the box, connect the WDTV Live to the digital TV HDMI port and switch it on. Refer to your digital TV manual. Use the remote, go to the setup section. There should be a HDMI port setup. Go into the HDMI port setup, press the remote and let the digital TV lock into the WDTV Live. The digital TV should scan the WDTV Live port and lock into the signal. You should at least get the WDTV Live boot screen.

so use the RCA cable to connect the WDLIVE and then set the display manually to HDMI and then try the HDMI Cable?

not sure if this helps or not but when I plug in the HDMI cable to the wdtv live it does not recognize the HDMI on my TV…but when I force it into the HDMI slot on the WDTV it recognizes it but the picture is just black.