HDMI Interference

Purchased a WD TV Live media Hub for friend after they liked mine.  I hooked it up tonight and there was a LOT of video ‘intereference’ when the HDMI cable was connected.  I switched to composite cable and there was nothing.  I did the following to trouble shoot:

  1. Tried both ports on TV with HDMI…no change

  2. Tried two other HDMI cables (utilizing both ports on TV)…no change.

  3. Moved it away from the other components and still no change.  

There is a DVR box that is connected to the TV and there is no problem with the picture. Do I have a defective unit??

Based on your troubleshooting, it sounds like you do have a bad device.

Hopefully it made sense that when I said that the composite cables produced ‘nothing’ I mean that there was no ‘intereference’ and that it was a picture (not like HDMI would produce) but a picture.

You could try resetting to factory defaults to see if that makes any difference.