HDMI flicker issue

I have a WDTV Live Streaming player. When i startup the player, the startup screen with the clouds is shown properly but after that the video signal starts flickering. I have connected the WDTV to my AVR via HDMI.

I’ve already changed the cable and even changed the HDMI inputs on the AVR. I am running the latest 2.xx.xx firmware. Even when the WDTV is directly connected to the TV via HDMI, the flicker persists but is less frequent and the screen is visible for the most part. With the AVR in between, the screen is full of snow artifacts. 

I’ve been using this setup since the last year and there’s no hardware/software changes. The above mentioned behavior started all of the sudden. 

I’ve had this issue before.  It doesn’t happen often but I go the Setup/System/Device Restart.

This always fixes the problem for me.

If that doesn’t fix it, I’d look at bad cables or trying different HDMI inputs.

I had the exact same issue very early on a few weeks after installing a new Pioneer AVR.   In my case, it was a broken HDMI connector in the Pioneer – replaced it and all was well.

Check cables, ports, inputs, etc… see if you can isolate it to a specific component.

By the way, the very first “splash” screen on bootup is always output at 720p (regardless of settings.)  When the picture goes dark, that’s when the WDTV is negotiating the final output settings with the output device.

Try setting the WDTV to 720p manually and see if the problem goes away.   If it does go away, that’s more indication of a hardware issue somewhere.

Had a mate with a similar problem. 

Eventually the only way to fix it was he had to swap the unit over for a new one under warranty.

I had something similar. It wasnt the whole screen that flickered. It was little white dots flickering thoughout the screen. It looked like when you rub your eyes and you see all these little white dots everywhere for awhile. I was able to fix it with a system reset and changing it to 720.

I have already tried setting the video output to 720p 60Hz, but even that does not work. I have tried multiple HDMI inputs on my AVR, so it cannot be a hardware issue with the HDMI ports. I even tried connecting my bluray player to the same HDMI port which is giving issues and it works fine.

I then connected the HDMI directly to my TV, which is working fine. Also, when connected through the AVR, after a couple of power cycles of the AVR, I am able to see the video output in AVR’s standby mode (my AVR has HDMI passthrough in standby). Without the power cycle it does not work. 

Somehow it appears that it tries to negotiate over the HDMI connection and something fails in between. Also, I am able to see the startup screen properly in all kind of connections that I have tried. The power cycle of the AVR seems to nudge the HDMI connection and it starts working fine in standby after the AVR is powered off !!

I even tried reverting the firmware and doing a hard reset. Does the hard reset not change the firmware? After the hard reset too my firmware is still 1.16.xx? 

Nope, the reset only resets all settings to their default.