HDMI Deep Color Mode Problem


when playing a movie with an original format mkv BlueRay DVD, and selecting in the menu HDMI Deep Color Mode 12 bit, you see small white dots scattered over the toggle.

 By reducing to 8-bit image loses detail and contour, and those white spots disappear.

 I do not know if it will be a problem WD LIVE TV! Any one with tha same problem?


SONY LCD TV KDL-40X3500 (its 1.3 HDMI compatible)

WD LIVE TV with the latest firmware

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You shouldn’t be using Deep Color mode – there is currently no movie, DVD or blu-ray that has ever been encoded with deep color mode (and there may never be) and most output devices don’t even support it.

Well I beg to differ. Even though there might not be any Deep Color encoded content just yet if WD chose to add the Deep Color option (that has been broken in the latetst 2 last beta releases, 1.03.35V and 1.03.38V) then it should be functional and available. If the sink device (TV and/or A/V receiver) passes and/or accepts the mode than it can be used. Whether someone decided which mode to use, 8- or 12-bit, it should be up to the user. Either way it should not affect the video quality.

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