HDMI Convert to Component YPbPr - WD HD Media Player

Dear all,

I have just bought the WD HD Live TV Media Player newest model.  

As the WD HD Media Player only has HDMI video output (able to have HD 1080i or 1080p quality) or composite (traditional video out but no HD Quality)  AND my Plasma TV is only equipped with Component input of YPbPr (3 colours red,blue and green) , I can’t connect the WD HD Media Player to my Plasma TV with HDMI.

Therefore, I use a 3rd party HDMI Converter to convert HDMI output from the WD Media Player to  Component output of YPbPr to my Plasma TV for achieving the 1080i HD quality image.  

However, when I switch on all equipment the "WD " logo appears well in my Plasma TV but then it goes into some operation (dark out) and the the whole display on the Plasma TV turns distorted and blur . I can only see strange signal pattern and then the message of "check signal " displays on my Plasma TV.

I have tested the HDMI converter with connection to my Philips BluRay DVD and the HD 1080i quality image displays properly on my Plasma TV. Therefore there is no problem with the HDMI converter

I have confirmed all settings properly completed in the HD Media Player -  video out set as HDMI Auto and HDMI CEC on.  

Can someone share with me if you have same experience and how you resolve it? I am also seeking pro advice from you.   The WD SUpport can’t find the solution as they wouldn’t provide advice on anything involving 3rd party devices.

Awaiting good news from anyone .

You could try setting the HDMI manually to say 1080i on the WD player and see what happens.

…and turn CEC off, unless there is some function the converter provides via CEC…